Panic in Level 4 is a grand tour through the eerie universe of Richard Preston, filled with unforgettable characters and mysteries that refuse to leave one’s mind.

  • The phenomenon of “self-cannibals.” They suffer from a genetic condition, a change in one single letter of the human DNA, that forces them to compulsively chew their own flesh and bite off their extremities—and why the self-cannibalism disease may lurk in all of us.
  • The search for the unknown host of Ebola virus, an organism hidden somewhere in African rain forest
  • The brilliant Russian brothers—“one mathematician divided between two bodies”—who built a supercomputer in their apartment from mail-order parts in an attempt to find hidden order in the number pi–and in the mysterious Unicorn Tapestries, one of the great works of Medieval art.

Richard Preston portrays the frightening forces and haunting discoveries that are changing and reordering our world, once again proving himself a master of nonfiction narrative.