Speaking Requests for Richard Preston.

Douglas Preston—Bestselling author, Richard Preston’s brother.

Save-the-Redwoods League—Doing that since 1918.


Steve Sillett—Web site of Stephen C. Sillett, professor at Humboldt State University and holder of the recently-created Kenneth L. Fisher Chair of Redwood Forest Ecology. Redwood and tall-tree forest canopy research.

The Gymnosperm Database—Award-winning site on gymnosperms (seed plants that don’t produce flowers, including conifers such as redwoods). Site created and run by Dr. Chris Earle.

Nalini Nadkarni—Web site of pioneering forest canopy researcher Nalini S. Nadkarni.

Margaret “Meg” Lowman—Web site of pioneering forest canopy researcher Margaret D. Lowman, a.k.a. Canopy Meg.

The Dawson Lab at U.C. Berkeley—Todd Dawson and colleagues do cool botany on all sorts of forests, including redwood forests.

Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast—Robert Van Pelt’s magnificently illustrated book showing the largest west-coast trees of various species including S. sempervirens. Van Pelt collaborates with Sillett in tall-temperate rain-forest canopy research.


New Tribe, Inc.—recreational tree-climbing gear and knowledge. Run by Sophia Sparks. Based in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.

Tree Climbers International—tree climbing organization and school in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, run by Peter and Patty Jenkins. Tree climbers discuss a wide range of topics on the TCI forum.

Tree Climbing Northwest—Basic to advanced tree climbing instruction and adventure with Tim “Tengu” Kovar, in association with New Tribe Inc. Tim Kovar is based in southwest Oregon, USA.

Dancing with Trees—tree climbing instruction and adventure involving mind, body, and spirit with world-famous tree climber Genevieve Summers and her associates. Based in northern Georgia, USA.

Tree Climbing Colorado—Climb trees in the Rocky Mountain region with Harv Teitelbaum. Based near Denver, Colorado, USA. Hosting the 2007 Recreational Tree Climbing Rendezvous Aug.29-Sept. 3 in Jamestown, Colorado.

Tree Climbers’ Coalition—Noted recreational tree climbers Joe and Bill Maher host informative tree climbing articles and discussions.

Earth Joy—Climb trees with Shelly and Bill Byrne using the arborist climbing technique. Lessons, special events, guided climbs. Greater Cinncinnati/Northern Kentucky.

Old-Growth Forests—Steve Sillett’s statement on why recreational tree climbing shouldn’t be done in the tiny remaining primeval fragments (2%-4%) of old growth canopy in North America, where humans have never disturbed the habitat.

RICHARD PRESTON DOESN’T ENDORSE ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. Always check the references, safety record, and credentials of any climbing instructor or instructional organization. Tree climbing is inherently dangerous.  It is the responsibility of a climber to get proper training and to always use appropriate safety equipment and techniques while climbing!